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AOM offers Low Cost, Affordable Outdoor Advertising - Bus Bench Ads, Bus Bench Advertising, Billboards in Los Angeles, Orange County, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego and Nashville to reach Consumers on the Go. Also Bus - Transit Shelter Advertising and Gas Station Pump Topper Ads.


* Bus Bench Ads Start At $139.00 Per Bench Per Month (4 bench ads minimum / 3 month minimum, production costs extra)

* Bench Ads Works for You 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

* Bench Ads Makes You Stand Out Among Your Competition

* High Visibility at Eye-Level to Drivers, Pedestrians and Bus Riders

* People Passing by on a Regular Basis are Bound to Notice Your Bench Ad

* Target Hispanic, Asian and African-American Communities -- in ELA, Whitter, Inglewood, Alhambra, El Monte, East San Gabriel, Hacienda Heights, Pomona, Etc. 

* Bench Ad - Bus Bench Advertising Available from Oakland to Sacramento and Los Angeles / Orange County to San Diego -- in Huntington Beach - Fountain Valley, Tulsa, OK and Nashville, TN

* Positioned At Eye Level To Attract Viewers' Attention
* Bus / Transit Shelter Ads / Bus Shelter Advertising Available in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and Riverside / San Bernardino / Ventura Counties, Nashville, TN
* Target Orange County Communities -- Bus - Transit Shelter Ads / Bus Shelter Advertising in Burbank, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Orange, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, Ontario, San Bernardino County, etc.


* 72% Of Consumers Live Or Work Within 2 Miles Of Gas Stations

* Ads Can Include Dated Discount Coupons Take Away Tear Pads

* Average Fill Up Takes 3 to 5 Minutes and Your Ad is Right in Front of Your Prospect

* Gas Station Pump Ads As Low As $125.00 Per GSP Ad Per Month
(12 GSP Ads At 3 Gas Station minimum / 1 month minimum, production costs extra)

* Static Gas Station Pump Ads Are Available At Gas Stations In Los Angeles / Orange County, San Francisco, San Bernardino / Riverside Counties and San Diego County


* Billboards Delivers High Frequency

* Billboards Increases Brand Awareness

* Three Sizes--- Bulletin (14'H x 48'W), Premiere Panel (12'H x 24'W), Junior Bulletin(6'H x 12'W)

* Target Hispanic, Asian and African-American Communities

* Premiere Panels (12'H x 24'W) Billboards - Rates Start At $4,200.00 Per Billboard Per 4 wks  (1 Billboard / 4 wk minimum, production costs extra) 

* Junior Billboards (6'H x 12'W) Available In the Greater Los Angeles Area - Including Downtown Los Angeles, Silverlake, Long Beach, Hollywood, West Los Angeles,, San Fernardo Valley, Southbay - Rates As Low As $399.00 Per Jr. Billboard Per 4 wks (3 Jr. Billboards /  8 wk minimum, production costs extra)

* Bulletin (14'H x 48'W) Freeway Billboards Available in Los Angeles / Orange County, Riverside / San Bernardino, San Francisco / Oakland, Sacramento, Ventura and San Diego

*  Based on Availabilty, Rates/Terms Subject to Change

** We Accept Credit Cards Via Paypal


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